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If you have been to that big theme part in Orlando, I’m sure you have seen all of the families and groups in matching vacation shirts.

This can be a big market for you if you have a t-shirt business. Shirts can be created for ski trips, amusement park trips, cruises or a beach trip.

Potential customers are families, school and church groups, or girl’s trips.

With UltraColor Max, it is easy to order just 3-4 for a family trip, or switch to UltraColor Pro or Goof Proof for better pricing, for a larger group’s vacation trip.

And don’t worry if your customer has waited until the last minute to order. UltraColor Max orders ship the next business day when ordered by midnight, and your Goof Proof orders ship in just 1-2 days depending on the art and number of colors.

Let’s take a look at some ideas on possible markets and ideas to sell to each.


Shirts for Family Destination Trips

Any family is excited to take a big trip and even Dad will cooperate and wear matching shirts. Not only will you look great at the destination, but already have a souvenir that is more personal and less expensive then any you will find in the local gift shops.

Here is a one color print on a very summer-y Comfort Colors shirt.  This 1 color print is our best-selling Goof Proof transfer.



Here is an example of another one color print on a navy t-shirt. Since this is just for one family’s camping trip and fewer prints will be needed, we switched to our no minimum UltraColor Max.



Finally, we go back to Goof Proof for a more tone-on-tone look. This shirt might be for sale at the destination.



Girls (or Guys) Trips

As much as we love our families, sometimes it is just nice to get-away with the girls on a cruise, or a guys trip to a golf course. Create a gang sheet so you can create two “outfits” from one order! Now the Girls are ready to look great on that cruise for two sailing days.



Travel – Etsy Style

Vacation shirts will sell well on Etsy, too, as travel is a top leisure activity for so many. Here are a few examples of this style of shirt.



Creating the Art for Vacation Shirts

We have an entire vacation/travel category in Easy View, your free online design center.

Just bring up the layout, add a family’s name, choose a color and your art is done.

You can even mock-up the design on a shirt within the designer to download and email a potential customer. Or use customer mode and turn off the pricing and our Transfer Express branding to sit and create the design with your customer.



More Than Just T-Shirts

With your heat press and these same transfers, you can create other items for vacationers. Tote bags and cinch sacks are always needed.

We carry passport pouches that can be used on a cruise. And don’t forget luggage tags! UltraColor Max can be used for just cents and sold or given to your same customers.



Sizing Your Design

Both Goof Proof and UltraColor Pro’s pricing is quantity driven, meaning the more you order of the same design in the same colors and size, the less you will pay. To get the best pricing, you may want to size your print as big as you can to fit on your smallest shirt.

Another alternative is to gang a large adult print, and smaller youth print on the same sheet. Your quantity will be the higher number, adult or youth, needed.

Since UltraColor Max is priced by the square inch and not quantity based, you can order different sizes for different members in the group. Or for a better photo, keep them all the same.

Here is a sizing chart to get you started on what size will work best.


Want to learn more about this market? Here is a short video and longer webinar. Happy Pressing!


Toast to Transfers

Join us Thursday, March 30th at 7 pm ET as we decorate items for the travel and vacation market during our live webinar event, Toast to Transfers: Travel Edition.

There are even some Press-Along Kits left containing the same items we’ll be printing on, including the transfers. Even if you don’t get the kit in time for the event, you can still buy the kit and press along with the replay.

So grab your favorite beverage in this “Wine and Paint” styled evening, and come for some relaxed fun and learning. See you there!


Toast to Transfers Travel Pressing Kit




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