Valentine T-Shirt Ideas for Your Etsy Store

Many shoppers have turned to Etsy, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms like our own Spirit sale to shop for casual clothing.   Keep your store current and on trend by adding Valentine themed t-shirts.  These are easy to create in Easy View, your free online design center.   Start with a layout and customize it; or use text and clip art to create one of your own.   Order the custom transfers and apply to apparel with a heat press.  Here are some we did:


This design is one of our volleyball layouts, QVL-88.    I removed the flowers, peace sign and the volleyball heart and replaced that with clip art, X19A-372.    I sized for my full front print, and optimized the sheet space by adding another full size, an infant print for a onsie and 2 cap/mask size prints.    Since these all use the same color ink and all fit on my 11.25 x 14 sheet size, I really cut down on my cost. 10 sheets are just $4.85/sheet using our best selling Goof Proof and I’m printing 2 full size t-shirts, a onsie and 2 caps/masks.


This is one of the designs I added to the same sheet.   Just use the add text button, and choose a font.   This is the Axwood font.


My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Infant onsies are a big seller for holidays and Valentine’s Day is no exception.    For onsies we have found that roughly a 4×4 print works best.   This design was created by using the add text button one line at a time.   Then bringing in that same heart, X19A-372

LOVE Gnomes

Let’s take that Gnome trend into the next holiday by adding patterns to their caps.   We are going to use our full color UltraColor Soft.   This is a large 11.5 x 18 sheet size, so fill that space! Start with the gnome clip art, X5A-89. Ungroup the parts of the gnome so you are only working with the cap. Use the add pattern button on the left and choose a pattern! Use the same or different for all three. I added the stylized Love clip art, x17a-925 above it and just like that the Christmas gnomes are ready for Valentine’s Day.  Fill the sheet with additional prints.

Love in a Heart

This design is just one of our clip art (add Clip Art), x30L-14, and sized to fill the front of a shirt at 9.25” in height.    Add some others to the sheet to fill the space.   For this I used our Pink Pearl Print, which gives it a little shine.

Be Mine

This was an original design combining Be Mine in Bromello font, with the arrow clip art x17b-151. Add a show thru outline to the text so that your text is more readable—click add effects, choose touching outline and no ink.   This gives you space between the text and the arrow clip art.    Fill the sheet with other prints and place your order for foil adhesive.   Now add the red foil, sold in a pack of 10.   Apply the adhesive, cover with the foil and press again.  Wow!

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Graciela Saldana

I was told I can buy Goof Proof designs here on this website. I really dont know what im looking for since this site was recommended. What I really want is I am looking for Tshirt Lables. I would like to put my Company Name on the back of the Tshirt where the Size is it. Just a little one. Height 1/2 L 1 1/2 inch. Just a little label on the back of the Tshirt with my Company Name. how do i go by ordering it> Please advise THank YOu,

Dealer Services

Hi Graciela,
To get the Goof Proof transfers, you can design your labels in Easy View online designer and order right from there:
You can even start with a tag layout, located in the “Dealer Only – Shirt Tags” category.


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