New School Design Layouts for Heat Printing

This week we added a new set of school design layouts to the Easy View Online Designer fit for the ages! We are celebrating the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s with a new design for each decade and ready for you to customize and create your heat transfer design with your own text, clip art and colors. These layouts are perfect for apparel for school clubs and spirit wear.

New Design Layouts for School Apparel
The 1970’s reminds us of the most nostalgic tv shows and cartoons like School House Rock! So this week we added a design inspired by one of our favorite tv shows of the 70’s. Use layout QSL-294 to create this iconic look for local school apparel your customer’s love. Add your own text to the stacked handdrawn font and watch as you bring this look back to the school house!
Pair this design with Goof Proof screen printed transfers and a raglan or a ringer tee like this Port & Company® Core Cotton Ringer Tee below in Navy and Gold for the perfect 70’s school look.
Blast to the Past!
The 80’s and 90’s left us with some pretty bodacious and rad looks with bright neon colors and geometric shapes. Our designers added this new school design layout to give you the best of the 80’s for your schools apparel! Shows like Miami Vice and Saved by the Bell brought these iconic styles to life. You can create 80’s and 90’s inspired for local school apparel in your area using these new design layouts.
Use this new school design layout QSL-295 in Easy View and customize the text and colors with your local school’s apparel. You can create this look below on a Next Level™ Women’s Festival Cali Crop Tee in charcoal and heat press our Goof Proof screen printed transfers in Shark Teal and Neon Pink.

The next layout we’ve added to the Easy View online designer is so fly! Our toast to the 1990’s with the new school design layout QSL-296. The days of 90210 are behind us, but this Beverly Hills inspired design gives 2021 that love and feeling of the 1990’s. Customize this design for local school apparel to bring back this iconic look!
This design is perfect for screen printed transfers if using a one or two color design or add more colors and choose digital full color transfers like UltraColor Soft.
We customized this design below on a Next Level™ Unisex CVC Sueded Tee White from Transfer Express Apparel.

Browse more school layouts and sign up with Easy View® to start customizing for your heat transfers. Then head over to our site to start your 30-day free trial. Choose any of the layouts or the new one above and start customizing.

Once you’re done, order the heat transfers from Transfer Express and heat print them onto your blank apparel!

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