Walk this Way and Designs Inspired for Walk-a-thon Events

The weather is warming, birds are chirping and people are stepping their way to fundraising walk-a-thon and jog-a-thon events in your local community. As the popularity of running and walking for exercise has grown, so has the popularity of these non-profit and for profit events. And whether the event is for awareness of a disease, a gathering for political awareness, or to fund raise for other causes, the event organizers are looking for t-shirts and other custom printed apparel for giveaways and to sell to raise more money in merchandise sales.

This is where you come in!

As an apparel decorator, you have the ability to help with these causes with your heat printed apparel. And creating amazing artwork for run/walk event shirts doesn’t have to be difficult when you have Easy View®!

Check out these awesome designs created in the Easy View® Online designer using Easy Prints® layouts.

Easy Prints layout QAL-366 in Gold, Mint Green and White Elasti Prints

This polyester tank top is perfect for warm weather walk/run fundraisers. We’ve decorated it using Elasti Prints® screen printed transfers which are perfect for reducing scorch marks on the heat sensitive polyester fabric.

Easy View helped create this design with layout QAL-366. Ink colors Gold, Mint and White look amazing on this Watermelon colored tank.








Stretch Litho transfers using Easy Prints Layout QEV-118



When your designs need some extra color, choose a transfer like Stretch Litho™.  This transfer combines full color printing with with plastisol ink for a screen printed touch.


This shirt was created using one of the most popular Walk/Run layouts QEV-118.






Easy Prints layout QFD-43 in Stretch Litho heat transfers


Once again, Stretch Litho shows off its true colors with this Autism Awareness Walk idea.

We started with layout QFD-43 and customized the puzzle/heart clip art and text to use the colors of the rainbow to create a bright design to help raise awareness. Add as many colors as you wish to a Stretch Litho transfer without it effecting price! No per color charges and the ability to gang sheet these transfers makes it the perfect choice for run/walk events.


Want more ideas and layouts to help you start designing and customizing Easy Prints layouts for fundraising walk and run events? Check out this video with popular designs for run/walk event t-shirts from Easy Prints and ready to customize in Easy View now!

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