What is in the Free Custom Transfer Sample Pack?

Did you know registration of Easy View online designer includes a free custom transfer sample pack? Your sample pack will be mailed out via priority mail the next business day and will arrive in 2-3 days. Three pieces are in the free sample pack-the custom transfer idea book, the price guide and the product book.

What is the Custom Transfer Idea Book?

Your idea book is filled with customizable layouts and clip art to use in creating custom art for your apparel. Numbered layouts can be entered into Easy View, your free online design tool to customize with your own text, font, clip art, colors and size. Basic, school, sports, occasions and work are categories in the idea book to make finding what you need easy. The clip art collection is on the back pages of the idea book. This clip art can replace any clip art used in the transfer templates or used on their own.  A font list is also in the Idea Book.

How Do I Use the Price Guide?

For regular plastisol transfers on t-shirts and sweatshirts you will use the standard ink pricing. Pricing is divided into two sections, Easy Prints and Plus. Use the Easy Prints pricing when using our layouts, fonts and clip art in your custom art.   If you provide us with any artwork, you will use the Plus grid.

Pricing for all screen-printed products is by the sheet. Often you can fit 1 or more images on the 11.5 x 14-inch sheet. Set up your 11.5 x 14-inch sheet, then figure out how many of that sheet set up you need.  Follow the grid down to the line reflecting the number of ink colors on each sheet. That will give you the cost per sheet when you order that quantity. Multiply that price x quantity needed to obtain your cost. There are no set up, screen or art charges so that is your total cost except for shipping which is extra.

The specialty inks are set up the same way as above with pricing for Easy Prints (using our art, fonts and layouts) and Plus (use of provided art). Specialty inks include glitter, puff, glow-in-the-dark, pearl prints and Elasti Prints, the best option for heat sensitive 100% Polyester.

There are also price grids for the full color transfer, UltraColor, with Easy Prints and Plus options.

Where are my transfer samples?

The full color products guide shows a zoomed photo of each product, the application directions and recommended fabric types. The samples are in the pocket on the inside back cover with application directions. Samples of our number products, Express names, Goof Proof, Hot Split, Elasti Prints, Puff, Glow-in-the-dark, Pearl, and our digital transfers Opaque and Express are included.


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Leeann Miracle

Thank you for explaining this in a simple way. Great job, can’t wait to use it

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Glad it was helpful, Leeann!

Leverett Price

Is it good to have support when you have a devils

Dealer Services

Thanks, Leverett! We have your back!

Dealer Services

Hi Brandy,
We don’t do custom samples, but there is only a 5 sheet minimum for custom screen printed transfers.
Otherwise, you can get free samples here: https://www.transferexpress.com/marketing-tools/free-samples


Thank you


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