Why All The Questions? Sending Your Artwork

When you have an art file to send for your custom transfers, you just want to get it to us so we can get started. I’m sure you are asking yourself– Can I just email it? Can’t I send all the files at once? Why are you asking me all that?

We ask to help you as quickly as possible. No matter the type of order, there is basic information we need to know so that we can give you a quote or place an order in one phone call. So by taking a couple of minutes to answer, we get a clearer picture of your transfer needs.

Send Us Your Artwork

Answer these questions to the best of your ability for the most accurate quote.

Here are the questions and why we ask. If you don’t know the answer, just check ‘not sure’ and we will help once we see what we are working with.

  1. How many? All of our pricing is based on quantity and the quantity choice can make a difference in the product choice. For example, if you only need 5 of a full color art on a transfer, we would recommend a digital transfer. If you wanted 75, it would be less to order Stretch Litho™.
  2. Transfer Type and Print Method — Many know what you want and will make a choice. If you are not sure, just skip it.
  3. Color — We list all of our stock colors, just check what you need
  4. Transfer Size — The size of a print on a shirt is typically a personal choice. We do have guidelines for standard sizes that can be used, like 11×11 for an adult full front. If it is rectangular artwork, it will reach 11” wide before it reaches 11” tall, and we won’t distort it.
  5. Fabric Type and Color — This helps us make sure you have a transfer that will work on your type of apparel.

That’s it, pretty basic stuff, just attach your file and submit! Unless you let us know otherwise, we do call on every piece of artwork to go over it with you, give you a quote, and place the order if you are ready.