New Swimming Layout and Clip Art for Custom T-Shirt Design

This week we are diving in to new swimming clip art and layouts. We have been adding modernized sports items throughout the year, based on our dealers suggestions. We are also expanding our selection of sports- like swimming and diving. We’ve added more modern swimmers, word art, and pool items that can be used for swim teams, rec centers, public pools, or anything that needs a dash of H20.

All artwork is ready to customize in Easy View® online t-shirt designer. Use the layout as is or customize with any of our thousands of layouts and clip art.



qsw-65         qsw-65color

X15R-79                                           X15R-83 (try adding a mascot for a swim team)

x15r-79       x15r-83

X15R-80                                                            X15R-81

x15r-80        x15r-81

X30B-19                                                             X15R-84

x30b-19                     x15r-84

X15R-82                                        X15R-78

x15r-82      x15r-78

Happy Designing!