Winning the Family Reunion T-shirt Sale

Looking for summer sales for your t-shirt business? Try promoting your family reunion t-shirt offering. Typically this is a fairly large order of between 50-150 custom printed t-shirts and most family reunions are held in the summer months. Below are tips for finding family reunion t-shirt customers, creating the art to win the sale and tips to keep your costs down and profits up.


Family Tree family reunion t-shirt

Add family members’ names to a design. Shown here is Easy Prints layout QRN-138

To get customers, post a sign in your store, or use social media to let potential customers know you can print custom family reunion shirts for them. Use Easy View®, our online designer, to create custom designs and share these on Facebook and Pinterest with a link on how to contact you to order. Are you near an amusement park, resort or a tourist favorite city? Use these themes in your artwork to gain local sales.

custom family reunion bag

Create a custom design in Easy View using Easy Prints layouts and clip art. Shown here is a design made “from scratch” using clip art X19A-905 and X17A-679.

Once the family contacts you, choose a design and customize! Help them create an order form that can be sent to all family members to order before the event. Typically this will be an email, so be sure your order form is electronic. On the order form, include the t-shirt design, ink color, shirt color, available sizes and cost as well as the date the order with payment needs to be returned. Make the cut off a few days before your actual deadline as there are always procrastinators.

Once the custom t-shirt orders are returned, count up how many of each shirt size is needed, add this total up to get the quantity of custom transfers you need. Although there will be a wide range of sizes from youth small to Adult XXL, for cost efficiency we recommend ordering one size print for all. To determine that size, measure your smallest t-shirt. Typically you can squeeze a 10.5” print on a youth small. Although the print will look large on this shirt, it will look perfect on the majority of the prints and will save your customer a lot of money. If you have any infant shirts, you can add a 3.5 to 4” print of the design on the same sheet for free and use this size for those. You may also use these extra prints on a thank you gift like a tote bag. Who knows, maybe this will generate even more sales!

custom family reunion t-shirts

Try putting your design onto multiple shirt colors for family members to choose from. This design was created from scratch using clip art X30F-4 and X27A-69.