Wrestling Singlets and UltraColor Stretch – A Perfect Match

Wrestling singlets are one of the biggest challenges to custom print.

They have tremendous stretch and typically made from a polyester/Lycra or polyester/Spandex material. Singlets take a lot of abuse between rubbing on the mat and the physical contact of the wrestlers, needing tremendous durability.

Now with just a heat press and UltraColor Stretch custom transfers, we have a winnable match!


What is UltraColor Stretch?

UltraColor Stretch transfers are a full color transfer with tremendous stretch and rebound. They are the perfect solution for Lycra and Spandex apparel.

UltraColor Stretch applies with a heat press at a low temperature to also prevent scorching and heat press lines.

An added dye block, UltraColor Stretch with Blocker, will prevent bleed on sublimated singlets or singlets with a dark dye usually red and maroon colors.

UltraColor Stretch is printed on large 11.5″ x 18″ sheets. Fill the sheet with multiples of the same print or different items. Once you set up the sheet, the minimum order is 6 sheets.

Applying the Transfer to the Wrestling Singlet

Work with only one layer when heat pressing by “dressing”, or threading, the singlet on your heat press.

For smaller prints, you may want to use one of the smaller interchangeable platens.

Set your temperature at 290°F, press for 12-15 seconds, and peel cold. Your singlet is ready for its match.


Helpful Tips for Printing Wrestling Apparel

  1. UltraColor Stretch also applies to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends so you can use space on your sheet to create and print a shirt for the wrestling team or tournament t-shirts and sweatshirts.
  2. To size your print for your singlet check to see if there are any seams on the singlet that would make the print area smaller. Measure about .5″ away from the seams to find your print area


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James R Balmer

Do you heat transfer on a wrestling singlets

Dealer Services

The best transfer to apply to a wrestling singlet is UltraColor Stretch or Stretch with Blocked depending on if it is sublimated or not. Both are easy to apply with your heat press.


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