You can’t learn everything on the web…

While we just finished up our first day at the NNEP Nashville show,  I was very impressed at how many customers I had spoke to who had said they were starting a business and researched us on the internet.  While the research was done, most customers still had many questions about the products we offer and how the process works.  While we are in a day and age where almost EVERYTHING can be seen on youtube or any other website, today was a great reminder how seeing something in person could really help someone understand a process better.

See, Touch, Feel never seem to let us down

If there is ever a trade show in your area, be sure to try and make time to attend the show.  If you are a new business or a seasoned business, the trade shows are an excellent opportunity to get hands on experience with new products and speak to experts in the industry on how you may be able to start or take your business to the next level.  Human interaction is not a lost art.  See, touch, fell have not let us down thus far and I don’t see them letting us down anytime soon.


We hope to see you at a trade show in your area sometime soon!