Your Clip Art in Screen Printed Transfers

Did you know you can we can archive any clip art or logo from your Easy Prints® Plus order to be re-used in future Easy Prints® orders?

Custom Clip ArtCreating Custom Clip Art – Here’s how it works:

1. Place your Easy Prints® Plus order with us.

2. Request that the specific clip art or logo be archived from that order.

This is a one time fee of $15 per clip art or logo.
We will assign your clip art a number related to your Dealer ID.

3. The next time your order any Easy Prints® layout you will be able to use this clip art to customize it, just tell our Rep it is on file.
The great thing about Custom Clip Art in Easy Prints® is that you will get Easy Prints® pricing even though you are using your custom clip art.

Keep in mind you only need to order a Custom Clip Art when you want to re-use a specific clip art or logo in your design again. We keep all of your artwork for your complete Easy Prints® Plus order on file for 2 years. 

You can easily reorder the complete Plus design at any time at reorder pricing. Exact reorders of Easy Prints® Plus reorder receive Easy Prints® pricing. If you need to make any artwork changes to your original order, it will be priced as Easy Prints® Plus again.