Your Full Color Transfer Choices

UltraColor Soft is our fastest growing product. Your customer will love the soft feel and vibrant full color print. And now the UltraColor family of products has grown to include UltraColor Stretch and UltraColor Stretch with Blocker. All you need is a heat press, and you can start offering full color printing!

UltraColor Soft

UltraColor Soft is your go to transfer when printing 3 or more colors, or need a full color print. Photographs are no problem! It is perfect for application to cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends. Your go to full color option for t-shirts and sweatshirts.

All UltraColor transfers are printed in CMYK, so for accurate color be sure your art is submitted using the same. All UltraColor products apply at a low 290 degree temperature to reduce scorching. Also UltraColor products can be purchased by 11.5″ x 18″ gang sheets. UltraColor soft does have a low sheet minimum, just 6 sheets. UltraColor Soft ships in just 3 working days.

New UltraColor Stretch

UltraColor Stretch applies to the same cotton, polyester and poly/cotton blends as UltraColor Soft but also applies to Lycra, Spandex and woven nylons. Apparel needing the UltraColor Stretch includes performance wear, yoga pants, and swimwear. UltraColor Stretch is a premium product and costs more than Soft so only move up to this product if the material you are printing requires the upgrade. Stretch is a eco-friendly, water based transfer.

UltraColor Stretch has a 6 sheet minimum. Turnaround time for UltraColor Stretch is 5 working days.

New UltraColor Stretch with Blocker

UltraColor Stretch with Blocker applies to all the same items as Soft and Stretch and has a blocker added to block dye migration. This is the product for your sublimated apparel. Also UltraColor  Stretch with Blocker has been certified for industrial/commercial laundering making it the perfect choice for workwear, too. UltraColor Stretch with Blocker ships in 5 working days.

With the additions to the UltraColor family you can truly print anything with a full color print.

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Vicente Garcia

I want to print some linen aprons with the flag of the country that each of my customer belong (around 6″ flags).
Could you make a vinyl transfer for that with some flags included.
What is the sheet size.
How much is the sheet cost also the shipping cost.
I’m in Calgary – Canada.

Thanks in advance for your help
Warm regards

Dealer Services

Hi Vicente,
We can definitely print those flag transfers for you.
You can use our full color transfer options. You can order by the image or sheet and pricing depends on how many you are getting. You can use our pricing calculators here:
Shipping to Canada is a flat $20.
Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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