3 New Fundraising T-Shirt Ideas

One of the things we are most proud of at Transfer Express is all the fundraising generated by the sale of custom t-shirts.     This week we add to our hundreds of Easy Prints fundraising templates with three new ideas.

The first new layout has the important ribbon.   This ribbon can be made any color to support your customer’s cause .  It is fundraising layout number QFD-78.    To make it work for your cause, login at www.TransferExpress.com and select the design center.   Enter the layout number.   Then choose the color and add your text.

Below is a chart showing all the cancer awareness ribbon colors to help in your t-shirt fundraising.

Our second new t-shirt fundraising layout is perfect for all those Walk-A-Thon’s showing the footprint of success.    It is Easy Prints layout QFD-77.   To use for your Walk-A-Thon, enter the layout name and change HIKE-A-THON to WALK-A-THON.    Edit the text to note your fundraising group, and change the color!

The last fundraising layout we have added is a new type of fundraising group.   Gaming Clubs have become much more popular in our schools, and this group of students will want to raise funds for their cause too.    Use a lot of different colors to show all the colors involved in gaming and order our full color UltraColor Soft transfer.   The number of colors has no effect on your cost.  This is Easy Print layout QFD-76.


Do you have a favorite new layout?   Which one?   Let us know in the notes.


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