4 Tips for Selling Spirit Wear

One of the biggest niches in a t-shirt business is spirit wear. Spirit wear unites the group by building enthusiasm and pride. Customers are willing to pay much more for these items without even a thought. Here are tips for selling spirit wear.

Make It Easy To Order

Whether you use an e-commerce platform or the traditional order form, make it easy to order. Limit your transfer designs to 1-3 depending on the potential size of the group. If you are doing a spirit wear sale for a travel baseball team with just 12 players, one transfer design should be plenty. If you are running a spirit sale for high school offer more designs.

Offer A Variety Of Apparel Choices

While limiting your designs helps with your pricing, there is no need to keep that same limit to your apparel choices that you won’t order until the sale is done. Offer a variety of items besides the basic t-shirt that you will be able to use the same transfer sheet. Include women’s wear, hoodies, caps, and bags; using the same custom transfer on all the items.


Set an End Date

When you order custom transfers, your price goes down as quantity goes up – so the bigger the order, the less you pay. To get the best price, set an end date for your sale. You might run a spirit sale for the marching band for two weeks. Always allow an extra day or two for the procrastinators. Then count up your sales and order your transfers. Round up to hit money saving price breaks. If you have extra room on your sheet, create something to use for a future sale.

Print On Demand

Another way to sell spirit wear is to sell shirts at an event. This might be a sports tournament, a PTA event like the school orientation, or even a craft fair. Your heat press is very portable. Take some t-shirts and hoodies in the popular team colors, and an assortment of design choices and heat print the transfer to the item it is sold at the event. A transfer only takes 4 seconds to apply, making printing at onsite events easy. If you’re interested in printing onsite at events, check out this e-book that gives you insight into the world of heat printing at events.

Not only does Spirit Wear raise money for the team or school, it is profitable, provides branding, and creates unity and engagement. Why wouldn’t you want to take the next step in selling heat printed spirit wear for schools?



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