Choosing the Samples You Receive

Do you need a pack of screen printed transfer samples to test for yourself?

Getting a sample pack helps you see how the transfers apply with your heat press, and gives you a way to touch and feel the final result.

Not only are the samples helpful in testing applications, but it can also give you a tool in showing your customer what you can offer them.

We offer samples in all the transfer types. You can request a full sample pack, or individual samples for what you need.


mini sample set


The samples we provide are not random. There is a lot of thought and planning that go into it.

How we choose the art, ink formulas, and layouts that are in your free transfer sample pack is based on what sells, and what you would need to show your customer.


Sample Transfers Ink Formulas

In the transfer sample pack, we include one of each of the following custom transfer ink formula types so you have one of each to apply and compare.

Screen-printed plastisol ink transfers include the best-selling Goof Proof®, Hot Split Retro, Elasti Prints®, Glitter, Pearl Prints™, Puff, and Glow-in-the-Dark.

Our fastest growing full color transfer type, UltraColor® Soft is included in the pack.

The digital transfers are CAD-PRINTZ® Soft Opaque and Express Prints.

The pack would not be complete without name and number samples in both the Goof Proof numbers and Elasti Prints numbers.

A sample of our window decal product is included, as well.


application instructions for custom transfer samples


You can apply your Goof Proof sample using 3 different sets of instructions: 365°F/4-6 seconds, 340°F/8-10 seconds, or 325°F/10-12 seconds.

The name sample you can also apply one of three ways—365°F/4 seconds, 340°F/10 seconds, or 290°F/15 seconds.

Always follow the instructions for each transfer type, as each transfer type applies differently.


Art and Color Choices for Custom Transfer Samples

Not only is there one of each of our best-selling transfer types included, but there is a variety of art and colors as well.

So, who do think chooses which of our 10,000 artwork layouts will be used?

It’s easy – you, our customer, makes that choice! You don’t remember being asked?

Well, the layout choice is a popularity choice. We evaluate how many times each layout was sold during the year and try to choose one from each of a variety of Idea Book™ categories.

You will find a variety of the best-selling layouts, from school, to sports, to business, and others. We then try to give you a variety of colors and color combinations.

For example, the basketball sample is a royal and white Elasti Prints transfer, for your polyester performance wear – just the way you might typically purchase this product.



Our Glitter sample is a Fitness design in Glitter Gold.


Transfer Samples in Photo Shoot

Many of the transfers in your sample pack are mini versions of what were also used in our photo shoot.


t-shirt artwork catalog


You’ll find them in our photos in our full color catalog. This way, when your customer sees them and touches them, they will see the same full size designs in color with people wearing the same print.

If you want the same, full size transfers to match the catalog photos, you can also get our Refresher Pack of display transfers to refresh your t-shirt display.


Create a Marketing Tool Sample Set

Not only are these mini samples a great way to actually try out the product, but they are also a great way to show your customers the actual products, too.

These mini samples are an easy and very convenient way to take samples with you on the go when you’re meeting with customers.

Use them to make your own grommeted printed sample set.

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Professional Grommeted Sample Set with Screen Printed and Digital Transfers


We hope this gives you a professional presentation that you would not have otherwise been able do on your own.

Order your free transfer sample pack and take a look!



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Jeffrey Grey

Is it possible to get a sample of the ultracolor soft, and the rhinestone transfers?

Dealer Services

Hi Jeffrey,
Yes, you can get a sample of the UltraColor Soft here:

For rhinestones, we don’t have any samples, but you can get an inexpensive pack of stock rhinestone transfers or get the rhinestone color chart at these links here:

Diego Pipoli

Hi, How can I get the full sample pack in all the transfer types and sample instruction ? Thank you

Dealer Services

Hi Diego,
You can get the sample pack here:
In the dropdown menu, choose “Mini Sample Set with Catalog” to get the full sample pack.


I need the heat transfer sample pack fully loaded


Hi there, is it possible to get samples with our logo? Very new to this. I have the vector cdr.pdf file and need to know if we can do the screen printed transfer and how it will look.

Dealer Services

You can order small runs as a sample of your logo. If you are using UltraColor Max you can order just 1. If you are ordering screen printed transfers the minimum sample run is 6 sheets. Or you can add a sample of your logo on the same sheet as another order you are doing. With screen printed transfers you order by the sheet, so you want to use all of that real estate.


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