Choosing the Samples You Receive

Did you ever wonder how we choose the art, ink formulas, and layouts that are in your free transfer sample pack?   It is not random, a lot of thought and planning based on your choices go into it.

Your free transfer sample pack

Ink Formulas

We include one of each of the following custom transfer ink formula types in the transfer sample pack so you have one of each to apply and compare.     Screen-printed plastisol ink transfers include the best-selling Goof Proof, Hot Split, Elasti Prints, Glitter, Pearl, Puff, and Glow-in-the-Dark.   The digital transfers are Opaque and Express.  A sample of our new water based transfer AquaTru can be found in the pack too.    The pack would not be complete without name and number samples both the Goof Proof numbers and Elasti Prints numbers.   But where is the Polytrans?  Polytrans and Goof Proof are the same product just a different application technique so you can apply your Goof Proof sample using either the Goof Proof technique (365/4 seconds) or Polytrans technique (340/10).     The name sample is the one product you can apply one of three ways–Goof Proof (365/4 seconds), Polytrans (340/10 seconds) or Elasti Prints (305/15 seconds)

Art and Color Choices

Ok that was easy, include one of each transfer type! So, who do think chooses which of our 10,000 layouts will be used?   It’s easy-you, our customer, makes this choice!   You don’t remember being asked?   Well, the layout choice is a popularity choice.    We evaluate how many times each layout was sold during the year and try to choose one from each of a variety of idea book category.  You will find the best-selling football, basketball, cheerleading school, fundraising, and soccer.    The only exception is the AquaTru sample.  This product does not have Easy Prints and Plus pricing, so we used our design talent and created an exclusive design that combined a rain drop and leaf representing its water based ink and environmentally friendly attributes.  We then try to give you a variety of colors and color combinations.  For example, our glitter sample is a cheer transfer in pink—just the way you typically purchase this product.   The football sample is the athletic red with white outline Goof Proof transfer, and the basketball is an orange/white elasti prints for your polyester performance wear.

Photo Shoot

Many of the transfers in your sample pack were also used in our photo shoot and you will find them on our models in our full color catalog.   This way when your customer sees them and touches them they will see the same, full size in color with people wearing the same print.  We hope this gives you a professional presentation you could not do on your own.

Order your free transfer sample pack and take a look!

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