Using QR Codes on T-shirts

You see them in all types of advertising these days, those scrambled squares of noise that are designed to be scanned into your smart phone that bring up information. These are called QR codes, or Quick Response codes.

A QR code is easy to create, there are all kinds of online tools that will generate one for you and you can link it to a website or video where more information is shown. Once you have your QR code, why not put it on custom printed shirts? Our Stretch Litho transfers work best because of the detail that can be maintained of the bar code.

When adding the QR code to your t-shirt, you can approach it in several different ways. First, it has become somewhat trendy to just put a big QR code in the middle of the shirt. There are actually entire brands dedicated to this type of shirt, but you can do it, too!

QR code on t-shirt

You can use the QR code as the main part of your design on the shirt.

Second, is to put a smaller QR code somewhere more obscure on the shirt. The QR code is not the main design but can be accessed if needed. For example, you might want every shirt you custom print to have a QR code on the label so that customer knows where to get custom shirts and how to order. This is a great way to link your delivered shirts to your online site so they can order more.

QR code inside t-shirt

Put a small QR code linking to your website inside the shirt.

The third is to incorporate the QR code into your design. For example, as shown here, we incorporated the QR code into a football layout and have it linked to a highlight film. Or you can do it for a choir or band and link it to their music.

QR code in a football layout

Use your QR code within a layout to incorporate it into the design on the shirt. (Layout shown: QFB-112)

Be creative and have fun with this growing technology!



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