5 Marketing Ideas for Your T-Shirt Business Using Easy View

1. Give Your Fans and Friends Ideas

You have heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so use Easy View to create a potential seller and post it online. Does your town have an upcoming festival? Create the design, post it and take pre-orders. Or create a spirit wear design for your local school and post it. Most likely your friends on social media attend the same school and live in the same community. Generate interest. Or create a family reunion design for you own family, post and let people know you can help with their orders, too.

Facebook post with Easy View T-shirt ideas

Post ideas from Easy View onto Facebook to show what you can offer.


2. Create Flyers

Most teams and school organizations are run by volunteers. They want to do what is best for the group but have jobs and kids. If you want to sell them shirts, do the work for them and create a sales flyer that just has to be passed out. Make them for travel athletic teams, parents are proud to wear spirit wear with the player’s numbers, or contact the local booster club and create flyers for team spirit wear. Another idea is to approach the school’s parent-teacher group; this is a great way to get school sales!


sales flyer made from Easy View T-shirt designer

Save the designs you made in Easy View, and add them to our free sales flyer template.


3. Use Sheet Space to Print More for Free Giveaways with Order

This idea came from one of our customers. With every order he gives a free cap. Not only does this make his store stand out but it has also created sales and costs him $1-2 per order. With our new sheet pricing, that extra space on the sheet is “free” space, so add a small design and use it for a promotional giveaway. Other ideas for low cost promotional items are mouse pads and tote bags. Give what makes sense for your order; an order for a football team would appreciate the cap while a preschool order might be a tote bag.


screen printed transfer sheet

Create your own transfer sheets in Easy View. Add as much as the space allows for one price!


4. Set up an In-store Kiosk

Let your customers get creative with an in-store kiosk. Hang a banner that says design your shirt here. Set the Easy View in customer mode where prices are hidden and let them go to town. Advertise this service on social media and drive traffic to your location. You have them in your store so once they are done, finish the sale!


T-shirt designer kiosk

Set up Easy View in Customer Mode in your store for customers to use and design.


5. Prepare for appointments

If you are meeting with a potential customer, go prepared! If it is a team, find out their team name and colors prior to the meeting. When you sit down have a sheet of ideas ready to present. If you are meeting with a landscaper, look online to see if he has a logo or will need one created. Again, have 4-6 options with his name on it to close the deal.

T-shirt baseball designs made in Easy View

Make several design ideas in Easy View to show to your customers for ideas.

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So where can I buy one of the t shirt easy view kiosk like you have pictured?

Maria Waley

It’s never been easier to show creativity and set about your own online T-shirt business.With some unique designs and the proper tools, we can take in our premium T-shirt brand up and heading for the hills in no time.Thanks for this nice and informative post!

Dealer Services

Hi Dennis, The kiosk pictured is a custom kiosk. You would have to purchase a custom kiosk from an outside source. We suggest checking out our blog post about creating an Easy View kiosk to learn more about what you can do to create your own kiosk. We hope it helps! Kiosk Blog: http://txpblog.wpengine.com/creating-an-in-store-kiosk-using-easy-view/


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