Choose T-Shirts During Summer Months Wisely

Temperatures are rising across the country and everyone is wearing t-shirts. But did you know you can help your customers enjoy their event or their everyday warm weather with what t-shirt color you heat print onto?

Sun Protection

Clothing is the single most effective form of sun protection. It can absorb or block much of sun radiation. The type of fiber used plays a factor in sun protection. Synthetic or semi synthetic fabric such as polyester offer the greatest sun protection. Cotton offers the least. Also glossy fabrics reflect sun away from the body as opposed to matte fabrics.

When it comes to color, darker and brighter colors absorb more UV rays than white or light colors which will stop more rays from hitting your skin. The best color to wear to block UV rays, navy blue. The worst color to wear, yellow.


Pesky Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes prefer dark colors. So keep it light!

Mosquitoes prefer dark colors. So keep it light!

Did you know that mosquitoes are more attracted to darker colors over lighter colors? Research has shown that darker colors retain more heat, which attracts those pesky insects. So if you’re customer’s event is in the evening, opt for lighter colors. Also loose fitting clothing helps repel mosquitoes. Loose clothing retains less body heat which is the mosquitoes main way of tracking down a person while flying through the air.


Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right color shirts for your customers events. Darker color clothing for the best UV protection and lighter color clothing for keeping mosquitoes away.



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