Tips for Selling to Adventure Parks

When selling custom apparel for outdoor adventure parks, remember to do your research! Come up with different apparel designs for the various activities that the park provides. Some common adventure park activities may include zip line, white water rafting, kayaking, a tree top obstacle course, mountain climbing, mountain biking, and many more. Different parks will provide different activities depending on their location.

Layout QAL-413 - Adventure Park

A general design that depicts the name of the park. Created using layout QAL-413

Use the Easy View® designer to show the person in charge of merchandise what you can offer them. Create designs that are similar to the ones that are shown in this blog. Make these designs specific to the activities offered at the park. If the park does not provide water activities such as tubing and white water rafting, then designs for these activities will not help you to gain the interest of the merchandiser at the park.

It’s a great idea to show the park merchandiser t-shirt designs that are simple text and only provide the park’s name. Many park guests will take part in multiple adventure courses. These guests may choose to purchase t-shirts for each course that they take part in, but there is a good chance that they will want a general souvenir that embodies all of these courses as well. The simple way to provide this is by simply providing a t-shirt option that looks great and depicts the park’s name, much like the example above.

Where does the adventure park sell its merchandise? Do they sell merchandise for specific activities near where the activity takes place or is there only one merchandise location in the park? Merchandise placement can be very important. If merchandise for a specific adventure course is near that course, you know that the people who are actually participating in this activity are seeing the merchandise. If there is one apparel location in the whole park, it may be a little harder for park guests to find the specific apparel item that they are looking for.

Use the Easy View designer to create apparel designs before you meet with the park’s merchandiser. By using Easy View to create the designs, you can show these designs on the different apparel items that you can heat apply to. You can even print out the preview of the designs to provide as a visual to the merchandiser. By creating the designs ahead of time, you are showing the adventure park merchandiser that you have put some thought into the apparel designs for their park and that you are serious about helping them to increase their apparel sales. On top of showing that you are prepared, you are showing your professionalism by actually providing them a copy of the design during your meeting. If you are presenting apparel designs to the park for the first time, you can include your design previews in the presentation.

Here is a quick tip recap:

Tip #1: Do your research! Do not offer the park a mountain climbing t-shirt design if they do not offer mountain climbing.

Tip #2: Simple is good. Offer the park designs that only have the park’s name. It’s a quick and easy souvenir choice.

Tip #3: Placement of merchandise. The park can sell the apparel for different courses at the end of each course.

Tip #4: Show what you can offer. Provide previews of the designs to present when you meet with the merchandiser.

Below are a few examples of what you can create for specific adventure park courses.

Layout: QMS-120 - Zip Line

This layout was made specifically for zip lining apparel. Just change the words and colors to personalize it for your adventure park. Layout: QMS-120

Layout: QMS-119 - white water rafting

This layout is great for water adventure custom apparel and looks great as a white water rafting design. Layout QMS-119

Layout: QRN-58 - Tree Top Obstacle Course

This design was created with layout QRN-58. A tree clip art was added to the design to make it more specific to tree top adventures.

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