5 Ways to Sell More Camp Apparel

Layout QYT-165 - customized camp t-shirts

Camp apparel created for camp counselors and campers using layout QYT-165.

Camp t-shirts are for more than just campers! Don’t forget about counselors, parents, and visitors too.

Idea #1: Koozie reminders. Does your camp provide tours for potential campers? Create custom koozies with your camp’s information on it to hand out at camp tours with complimentary bottles of water. Koozies are an easy, cost effective way to promote your business.

Idea #2: Campers, Counselors, and Lifeguards. To get campers excited about joining camp, have their new t-shirts ready for them when they sign-up. They can wear the t-shirt that day and tell all of their friends how excited they are to go to camp. Don’t forget about counselors and lifeguards. These camp employees will need their custom camp apparel as well. You can use the same t-shirt design that you used for the campers, but smaller and on a polo t-shirt. Since the colors will be the same, you can fit them on the same transfer sheet. Lifeguard swimsuits and shorts are easy and quick to create with CAD-PRINTZ® Opaque digital transfers.

Layout QYT-165 as a custom transfer gang sheet

Layout QYT-165 as a gang sheet. For better cost efficiency, add multiple images to a sheet; one price for the full sheet.

Idea #3: Prepare for activities. There are many activities that take place during summer camp. Give campers the option to order apparel specifically for these events before they take place. Parents can order camp swimwear and towels ahead of time so that these items are waiting for the camper the morning that they visit the pool or lake. Other camp events could include bonfires, archery, horseback riding, and fencing. You can prepare order forms for these types of events as well, allowing parents to order apparel before or after the event.

Layouts QMS-108, QAL-2, & QAL-14

Create t-shirts specific to different activities that take place at the camp. Shown – Horseback riding (QMS-108), archery (QAL-2), and fencing (QAL-14).

Idea #4: Create signature t-shirts. Young campers usually make new friends when they are at camp. Creating signature t-shirt allows them to have that final camp interaction with their new friends. You can use a signature template to add the signatures directly to each t-shirt so that campers can find their signatures on their friends’ t-shirts. Another option is to choose a signature layout that allows extra space for signatures and let the campers sign each other’s shirts with a sharpie.

Idea #5: Don’t forget the extras! Using heat applied transfers and a heat press you can create custom umbrellas, caps, visors, sandals, sneakers, pillowcases, and more! If it’s made of fabric, there’s a good chance that you can heat press to it. Not sure if something can be heat pressed to? Call us up, we’re happy to help! (800-622-2280).

Extra Tip: Sell to parents! The items are meant to appeal to the campers, but remember that young campers often do not have the funds to purchase the items. Show your offerings at events where both the parents and campers are present. This could be during a tour, at a camp orientation, or even on the departure date. You can even provide the option to hold items at your camp. If you choose to do this, the kids can place an order and the camp can contact the parents to ask whether this order should be processed. Once the parent has provided payment for the item, it can be provided to the camper during their camping trip. This option could be beneficial if the camper needs a swimsuit, sandals, or even a cap.

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