Maximize Your Transfer Sheet By Ganging Images

Gang sheets are one of the benefits of using screen printed transfers over other printing methods.

They can reduce the number of sheets you need to order as well as combine orders to maximize profits.

If you are new to screen printed transfers, then it may help to read up on all of the benefits of using a gang sheet over just putting a single image on a transfer sheet.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a gang sheet is when you place multiple images on the same printable area of a transfer sheet.


gang sheet filled up

This gang sheet has plenty of extras added, including a company logo, extra mascots, basketballs, and a stock design.


At Transfer Express, our standard sheet size is 11.25″ x 14″. You have this entire space to utilize for ganging purposes.

Whether you just have one design on a sheet or 20, the cost remains the same. So why not fill up any left over space with multiple designs?

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Below is an example of a standard transfer sheet (grey dotted box) where a customer placed one design in the available printable area. As you can see, there is a lot of wasted space that could be used for more of the same design or other designs.


Single image transfer sheet with wasted space.

Single image transfer sheet with wasted space.


To maximize this transfer sheet, the customer has the ability to gang this same design multiple times on the same sheet as you can see below.


Duplicate the same image on a sheet. Will reduce the number of sheets needed for your order.

Duplicate the same image on a sheet. Will reduce the number of sheets needed for your order.


So if this customer needs 15 designs to go onto 15 shirts and we can fit 3 designs on each sheet, only 5 sheets needs to be ordered to fulfill the requirements.

Ordering 15 transfers with one design on a sheet as in the first example, the cost would be $6.50 per transfer. By ordering 5 gang sheets with 3 images on a sheet, the customer is only paying $4.79 per transfer design.

All three designs will come on the same sheet and they can just be cut apart to heat apply.


A screen printed transfer gang sheet that has been cut to separate the designs before heat pressing.


To get a little more advanced, a gang sheet does not need to use all the same design.

You have the option to use the gang sheet for multiple designs. This could be for all one customer or for multiple customers asking you for shirts, sweatshirts, koozies, caps etc.

Or you can even use it for your own branding and labeling purposes.

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One tip we can offer though is that each design should use the same colors as the last. Each additional color added to the sheet increases the cost.

So in this example, the customer uses white ink and pistachio ink. Any additional design you add to the sheet should contain one or both of those colors to make a gang sheet economical.

This example is a gang sheet that is utilizing multiple designs using the two ink colors. Because multiple designs are needed, for example, a script and tail for fan shirts, a small design for the cap, and another small design for the coach’s shirts, we are able to put all of these designs onto one sheet so multiple orders aren’t needed.

This will save you A LOT of money!


Fill up the sheet with different images using the same colors.

Fill up the sheet with different images using the same colors.

As you can see, there was some extra room on the sheet, so the customer added their own branding to use on a sleeve, back of the neck or even a custom shirt tag.

Our favorite part is, all of these areas of decoration that are on this sheet, didn’t cost anymore than the first example where just one design was on the sheet. So why wouldn’t you maximize the printable area for multiple designs?

All of this artwork was created using the online designer on called Easy View®.

In this free online designer for active customers of Transfer Express, you can set up your very own gang sheet.

Check out our blog about creating a gang sheet in Easy View.



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