6 Things You Need to Know About Shipping

In this Amazon world, you expect your package to be delivered fast and during any day of the week, but often this type of shipping service is not available to the rest of us.

Here are six things you need to know about shipping to plan for your delivery. With our fast turnaround, this will help you know when your transfers will arrive.

1.  Speedy Air

Speedy Air is an exclusive shipping service available to those customers in the continental US, who do not receive a ground package in 2 working days.

Transfer Express upgrades your package at no additional charge—you pay ground and get 2-day air service. And no prime membership is needed!

2. Delivery Days

Delivery days for UPS are Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays. This means if you are shipping a package Next Day Air on a Friday, it will arrive on Monday.

3. Saturday Delivery

To receive a package on Saturday with this premium service, you must ship Next Day Air on a Friday and upgrade to Saturday delivery.

Saturday Delivery is a premium service not available in all areas. Be sure to check the UPS service areas to see if this service is available to you.

4. Delivery Times

UPS offers morning and afternoon delivery service, but the time is based on your delivery area.

The Next Day Air Morning guarantee is only available to commercial addresses.

If you are a home business and select Next Day Morning, UPS may deliver by noon of business day depending on your address.

5. Shipping Payments

To try to give you the lowest shipping cost as possible, we wait to charge your card until the order ships. That way, if you have multiple orders in-house, orders scheduled to ship on the same day can be grouped together for one shipping price instead of multiple.

Be sure your card has room on it for the payment, so it is not declined. Because of the times that cards are charged at shipping, there is often not a lot of time to get an alternative card in the event of a decline. We don’t want your order to be delayed so help us help you by being sure your card will be good to go on shipping day.

6. LA Hot

For our customers who work in the greater Los Angeles area, UPS offers a special service called LA Hot.

Packages shipped from our Arizona facility will arrive in 1 working day.


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Tex Hooper

Great tip about making sure that your shipping choice has your card information. That way you can make sure that you don’t default and lose your item. I’ll have to choose a courier system that uses online transactions.


I am glad to see this article. These are great tips to shipping customers.

Jeff Carbine

It’s awesome that this article talked about customers in the continental United States who do not receive a ground shipment within two business days are eligible for Speedy Air. I’m glad that you explain it thoroughly and now it makes more sense. You did a great job of explaining freight delivery services.


Very informative article. I am impressed with your detailed blog. Its really good to have such well researched article on shipping. Thanks

Jeff Carbine

I like how you mentioned we don’t charge your card until your product ships, in order to give you the best shipping price possible. When I was in college I think about it differently, there is really numerous information in this article that helps me. I’m grateful for your advice about courier delivery.


yes, It was worth reading. I really found it very informative.

Victoria Addington

Thank you for letting me know that Saturday delivery is not available in all areas. My friend needs a courier that delivers on time. I should advise him to choose a courier that is fast and professional.

Mia Evans

I find it interesting when you said that orders can be shipped together as a group which can lower the price of the services. I can imagine how beneficial that would be for businesses and consumers when shipment companies offer those kinds of services. With the rising costs of almost everything, finding those that are considerate are a great option for your needs.


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