6 Things You Need to Know About Shipping

In this Amazon world, you expect your package to be delivered fast and during any day of the week, but often this type of shipping service is not available to the rest of us.   Here are six things you need to know about shipping to plan for your delivery.  With our fast turnaround, this will help you know when your transfers will arrive.

1.  Speedy Air

Speedy Air is an exclusive shipping service available to those customers in the continental US, who do not receive a ground package in 2 working days.   Transfer Express upgrades your package at no additional charge—you pay ground and get 2-day air service!  And no prime membership is needed!

2. Delivery Days

Delivery Days for both UPS and Fed Ex are Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.   This means if you are shipping a package Next Day Air on a Friday, it will arrive on Monday

3. Saturday Delivery

Saturday Delivery is a premium service not available in all areas.   To receive this premium service, you must ship Next Day Air on a Friday and upgrade to Saturday delivery.   Be sure to check either UPS or FedEx service areas to see if this service is available to you.

4. Delivery Times

Both UPS and Fed Ex offer morning and afternoon delivery service, but the time is based on your delivery area.   The 10:30 am guarantee is only available to commercial addresses. If you are a home business and select UPS Next Day 10:30, the carrier may delivery by noon or business day depending on your address.

5. COD fees

Both UPS and FedEx charge a premium service fee to collect Cash on Delivery (COD) To save shipping costs use a credit card and be sure your card has room on it for the payment, so it is not declined. We don’t charge your card until the order ships, so there is often not a lot of time to get an alternative card in the event of a decline—help us help you by being sure your card will be good to go on shipping day.

6. LA Hot

For our customers who work in the greater Los Angeles area, UPS offers a special service called LA Hot.   Packages shipped from our Arizona facility will arrive in 1 working day.

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