New Easy Prints Layout and Clip Art for Black History Month


This February we all celebrate Black History Month to celebrate the achievements of African American men and women, and their integral role in our history. As apparel decorators, we have the important role to help our customers pay tribute with custom t-shirts and other decorated items for thousands of events going on around the country.

Customers will be ordering decorated apparel for festivals, marches, school events, fundraisers and many more groups, organizations and businesses who are honoring the past.

Within Black History Month, we have several days to celebrate the African-American heritage and all the accomplishments made. From National Freedom Day (February 1st) to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 21st. And while the image of Martin Luther King Jr. and his work, including his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech are copyrighted and cannot be printed by Transfer Express without permission,  decorators are still able to pay tribute to his life and work in other creative ways.

This week, we’ve added a new layout (QHL-94) and many clip art to give you the designs you need to create amazing Black History Month t-shirt designs for your customers!

This Easy Prints layout features new clip art X5D-43 can be customized in the Easy View Online Designer by changing the text, clip art, colors and size. You can change the clip art to any of the new designs like the patterned heart country silhouette, X17B-673, or the alternative Black History Month clip art, X5d-444 with the Africa silhouette background.



To honor and celebrate the lives and work of the most influential people of the abolitionist movement, we’ve added clip art of Frederick Douglass (X9A-230), leading force behind the anti-slavery movement, and Harriet Tubman (X9A-231), the most well-known conductor of the Underground Railroad. With these two iconic images, you can create a very impactful and commemorative Black History Month t-shirt design for your customers.

Or keep your designs simple with the new silhouette of a man wearing a Kufi hat (X9a-228) and a silhouette of a woman wearing a traditional African turban headwrap (X9a-229).

Ready to get started creating Black History Month t-shirts for your customers? Register for a free 30-day trial of the Easy View Online Designer.


New African American Layout & Clip Art

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Nicci Riddick

Is there a way that i can add the Black history art with the colors already done?

Dealer Services

Hi Nicci,
No, we made those examples and they will default to the black and white versions in Easy View. It is quick to customize them though! 🙂


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