80 Ink Color Choices for Your Custom Transfers

With the addition of our 4 new plastisol ink colors-mint, metallic rose gold, jag green and cyan, we now have 80 ink colors in stock for you to choose on your custom transfer orders. That gives you a lot of choice, and if none of those meets your needs we also offer a color matching service.

Choosing New Ink Colors

The new ink colors come from your feedback as well as our records of the most color matched colors. The Metallic Rose Gold Color skyrocketed to popularity when Apple offered it as an iPhone color. It will be popular for fashion wear, cheerleading, dance and gymnastic t-shirts. The mint (Pantone 571C) was the most requested color. Think mint chocolate chip ice cream color. It is bright and cheerful and took center stage for weddings. It offers your customer a soft green color. Cyan and Jag Green (Pantone 3155C) are both bluish-green hues, with cyan heavily leaning toward the blue side and Jag Green leaning towards the green side. Cyan will be popular choice for nautical wear and Jag Green is a new choice for athletic wear.

Your Color Selector

Although we try to represent the colors as best possible in Easy View and the website, online colors do vary from device to device. To accurately view colors we recommend referring to the  Pantone number for each of our colors. The Pantone Matching System is a standardized color reproduction system. Pantone does offer color guides but these can run about $150. We do list the pantone numbers for each of our ink colors. Or we have come up with a color selector of our own, that shows all 80 colors

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