We Can Print Custom Transfers in Any Color!

A customer orders a custom printed shirt but they want the ink color to match an outfit they have—so what do you do?
Answer: No Problem! Our screen printed transfers ink colors can be mixed to match any color you desire.

We stock 63 ink colors (plastisol). But if you don’t see what you need, we can always do a color match to the desired color for a small color match fee. You can either provide us a Pantone® color (Pantone® is a standardized system for colors, often called PMS or Pantone Matching System) or send us an item that you want matched.

Apparel Printing Color Selector

Use Transfer Express' Easy Prints® Color Selector to choose ink colors for screen printed transfers.


If you want to see what colors we stock, we offer an approximated online color chart (there is some variance due to the variance in colors on computer monitors), a list of the Pantone corresponding numbers that can be used if you own a Pantone chart, or a color selector specific to Transfer Express can be ordered.