Add Bonus Pages to Your Idea Book

Show your customers how you can make their custom apparel designs even more unique with Idea Book™ bonus pages!  These pages are a great resource that can be used by themselves or as add-ons to your Easy Prints® Idea Book™.

Included in the bonus pages is a list of fonts that you can use with Easy Prints®, a chart that will help you to determine how many images will fit on a gang sheet, a sheet that shows the different ways that the text can be arranged, an Easy Prints® alphabetized clip art index that shows which page each clip art can be found on in the Idea Book™, a patterns sheet showing what each of the pattern options look like, and a distress sheet that shows your distress options.

Print these pages out and put them right in your Idea Book™ to show your customers the large array of options you can offer them.


Font/Typestyle Alphabets - Change the font to change the lookFont/Typestyle Alphabets

This page shows all of the fonts that we offer with Easy Prints®.  If you would like to change the look of the Easy Prints® layout that you are using, changing the font is a great way to give it a different look!  If you are making a transfer design for kids, try using fonts similar to Chalk, Comic Sans, or Kids; these fonts are acceptable for kids but would not provide a good look for something corporate.  For business purposes, use fonts that look similar to Bangkok, Full Block, and Classic.


Gang Sheet Image ChartGang Sheet Image Chart - Find how many transfers fit on your gang sheet

This sheet is a quick reference to determine how many images will fit on a gang sheet at the image size that you need.  For example: If your image is 4” x 3,” you can fit 9 images to one gang sheet.  Keep in mind that a gang sheet is a transfer sheet containing more than one image.  These images can be cut apart and applied to garments separately.  Using gang sheets is a great way to save costs on transfers!


Type ArrangementType Arrangement - Each text box can have a different look

Add this sheet to your Idea Book™ to show your customers the different ways that their text can be arranged in the Easy Prints® design layout that they choose.  Each text box can be arranged a different way to fit your customers’ needs.


Clip Art Index

This is a quick reference to help you find the clip art thatClip Art Index - Easily find clip art for you custom design you are looking for in your Idea Book™.  The clip art index is alphabetized to make finding the appropriate clip art even easier!  Example: If you are looking for a hornet mascot, find the clip art choices that start with an ‘h.’ Follow along these ‘h’ options until you find where it says “hornet.”  The page number will be to the right of the word.  Make sure that you are using the index for the same year as your Idea Book™; you can find the year at the bottom of the index.



Patterns can be placed whePatterns - Add patterns to words and clip artre there is a large amount of space in letters and clip art.  Customers like to use patterns to add a little something extra to the look of their designs.  Add this sheet to your Idea Book™ to show your customers the pattern options that they can use in their custom designs.



Distress adds an extra touch of style Distress - Add a distressed look to your custom transfer designto your whole design!  With this printable sheet, you can show your customers what the different distress options look like, making the decision making process even easier!


Print all of these sheets out, three-hole punch them, and add them to your Easy Prints® Idea Book™!  You can even put these sheets in a waiting area at your shop; providing your customers with reading materials that will show them different apparel looks that you can create for them.

Print bonus pages here!

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