Learn how to sell and print baseball and softball uniforms

Spring is a great time to be in the custom printing business. Every baseball and softball team will be looking for custom printed uniforms. There are youth league teams, travel teams, adult recreation teams, work and church leagues and the school teams. Each of these, at a minimum, needs a shirt with a team name on the front and a number on the back. Many will need caps, pants, practice tees, jackets, bat bags, and fan wear—all custom printed.

We will help you learn how to cash in on baseball orders. Watch our recorded free learning session, Around the Diamond: Decorating for Spring Sports. We stop at each base and learn a key part of the spring business. Then, we head home to learn how to price and sell the extras to earn even more money.

First, we learn how to keep the costs down so that you can profit on league orders. Leagues are typically on a very tight budget. We show you the best way to decorate a league so that they keep the cost low and you still make money!

Second, we learn how to win the order with art for travel teams and adult teams who are willing to spend a little extra for a great looking uniform. If you show a team how you can turn their uniform from ordinary to extraordinary, price becomes secondary. We have you doing just that with our improved online designer, Easy View.

Third, we show you the fastest and easiest way to number uniforms. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a 1 color number on a league order, or a 2 color number for a travel team, you will be able to put a number on a shirt in just seconds. We give you tips on what size numbers are recommended for youth and adult uniforms. Names can also be added for extra profits, and they will not take any more time to add to the uniform. We also have numbering solutions for popular polyester uniforms.

Finally we head home with the most important part of the custom printing business – pricing. We give you tips on how to price and discuss different pricing strategies. We also give you ideas on how to turn the delivery into a marketing opportunity. Finally, we discuss the very profitable add-on opportunities that can be much more profitable than the uniform order.

Watch today as we share our expertise on baseball uniforms and answer all of your questions.

custom printed baseball uniform

Learn how to print custom uniform fronts along with names and numbers on the back.

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