Adding Fun to Custom Transfer Layouts

Popular culture creates all kinds of unusual phrases that become popular for a short time. Capitalize on these trends by using them in your Easy Prints® custom transfer designs.

Use Easy View™, our online designer to try some out for your customer. Here are a couple using the eat, sleep phrase and the rock, paper, scissors game. With both layouts, we started with QLS-37 and added our clip art to make it work for a specific team. Once you find a phrase and layout they like, our design team can fine tune the design for you with our new free proofs. A small fee is charged to start the art, but that amount is credited toward your order once placed.

Easy Prints layout QLS-37 customized

Layout QLS-37 customized with popular sayings and teams.

Start with Easy View, and let us know if you want the size of a clip art changed, added text, or a different color placement. Our design team will make your enhancements and send it to you to show your customer. Text can be added at no additional charge above or below any layout, a great place to add a phrase.


Easy Prints layouts QFD-12 and QBK-21

Layouts QFD-12 and QBK-21 customized with trendy phrases.

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