Adding Additional Text or Clip Art

In Easy View® online designer, we’ve used one of the layouts and changed the text and clip art for our customer.

But they now want to add an extra line of text and a clip art. Using Easy View, this is easy. Shown here is QAL-14. We’ve already changed the word COMPTON to MENTOR, the eagle clip art to a baseball, and the word EAGLES to BASEBALL.


Easy View with layout


Adding Additional Text

To add another line of text that wasn’t already in the layout, just click “Add Text” on the left toolbar.


adding new text in Easy View


A new line of text will appear in the design space that you can edit like the rest of the text.


add new line of text in Easy View designer


Type in the text needed. You can also select the font and ink color if you want to change them.

You’ll also need to adjust the size, reposition in the layout, and add any effects you may want. To size, you can use the corners to enlarge or decrease. Or just enter the size in the width/height fields in the left toolbar. In this case, I made all text 11” wide.


customized layout in Easy View designer for t-shirt design


Adding Additional Clip Art

Now let’s add a baseball player inside the baseball, adding an additional clip art. Use the Add Clip Art button in the left toolbar. I want to add the baseball player X15a-212. When you select the clip art, it will be added to the design space.


add a new clip art to your design in Easy View


Now move it, size it, and change the ink colors as desired. We’ll change the color to match the rest of our one color print.


customized design in Easy View for t-shirts


Your design is now ready to be shared or ordered!