Update your Web Browser for Easy View

What is a web browser?
This is the program on your computer you use to view web pages/sites on the internet.

We have just released our new Easy View® online t-shirt design tool and your experience in it is greatly affected by the kind and version of your web browser. Our Easy View designer works best in the latest version of  Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Chrome.  If you have Windows XP and are using Internet Explorer, you are using a very old browser – Version 8.  The problem is Internet Explorer 8 cannot be upgraded on Windows XP.  So, the best solution for Windows XP users is to download another browser.

How do I know what version of the browser I have?
Most of the time you can find the version of your browser under the help menu. It may show the version # and an option for you to update. This is a quick way to update your existing browser if you are using Fire Fox. Just click check for “check for updates” when you are not in the middle of something because the browser will want to restart after it does the updates.






What if I don’t don’t have Fire Fox or Chrome on my computer?
You have to download and install one of them. Below are some links to download the latest browsers.

Download Chrome

Download Fire Fox