Adding Patterns & Distress in Easy View


Add style to your transfer designs by adding patterns and distress! We are going to add a pattern and distress to layout QAL-47.

Use the Easy View designer to add patterns to large, open spaces in text. If your text is currently thin, change it to a thicker font that will better show the details of the pattern.

The distress will apply to the full design and will omit areas of your transfer to give your design a trendy look. Distress works best on large text and clip art.



Adding a Pattern

1) Choose layout

2) Select text that you would like to place the pattern in

3) Change to a thicker font if the letters are too thin

4) Go to Patterns under Customize Layout

5) Choose the pattern that you would like to use

6) Change colors & add outline if needed


Adding a Distress

1) Choose layout or add to current layout

2) Go to Distress under Customize Layout

3) Choose the distress that you would like to use


It’s so easy to add extra style to your design by adding patterns and distress!

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