List of Names and Typesetting In Easy View

School classes, sport teams and other groups love having their roster listed on a shirt. The Easy View Designer makes it easy to import your list of names and put together a professional design.

You can either start with one of our pre-designed typesetting layouts or create your own typesetting design. Here’s how to create a custom design using your list of names.

Start by choosing a layout as a header and/or footer. Here we chose Easy Prints layout QAL-292. You can customize this design with a background color, change the text, colors and clip art.

Layout QAL-292 is used to create a header.

Layout QAL-292 is used to create a header.


In the Easy View Designer, there are several options for you to Import your list of names. To start, in the Customize Layout section on the left side of the screen, click the arrow  next to “Add Text”  to bring up a drop-down menu. Click on “Add Typesetting Columns”.

3 Add Typesetting Column


Here you can import your list from a saved file on your computer or type in the list of names in the Text Box manually. To import from a computer file, click on “Import” and locate the file. The file can be either a .txt (text) file usually created in programs such as Notepad or a .csv file created in programs such as Microsoft Excel.

In this box, you can also choose how many “Columns” you want your design to have, and also how far apart you want the columns to be by specifying the “Column Gap”. The “Left, Center and Right” Justification of the columns can be chosen here also. When ready, click “Ok”.

4 Importing List


Your list of names will be shown on your “Art Board”. Now is time to customize the list of names. Adjust the size, font and color of the text in the left Edit All section. Your font styles are listed and you will notice they are limited. This is to insure your typesetting list looks its best when printed. Simple font styles are best for small detail such as these names.

If you need to go back and edit the imported list of names, columns and justification, click on the “Typeset Text: Edit List” button in the Edit All section.

4 Editing Text




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