Adding Special Effects in Easy View

One of the exciting features about new Easy View® is adding effects to text and clip art. Each of these effects have names but you don’t really need to know the name of the effect you need just look at the visuals/thumbnails that come up in the effects window to help you decide what you need.
The effects you can add to text are:

  • Shadow
  • Outline (touching, separated outline)
  • Shape (Bridge, reverse bridge)
  • Arch
  • Bookends
  • Circle text
  • Orientation (vertical)
  • Rotation (slant up, slant down)
Shadow on text

Easily add a drop shadow to your text

Each effect  has options to adjust the way the effects look. You also may need to set some colors of the parts of the effect. If you see and ! (exclamation point) inside a color swatch, that means you need to pick a color for part of that effect. You can even add multiple effects on top of each other like a drop shadow and arch as shown below. If you decide you don’t like the effects applied, just hit “clear effects” or look for the “remove button” under each effect. Some pre-defined text in the layouts cannot have text effects applied to them.  If you get a message that it is “multi-part” text, it just means it was specialized text already in the layout and additional effects cannot be applied.

arch effect

Add multiple effect to text


One bonus feature about effects is that you can add outlines to clip art. Sometimes you need a defining edge when a clip art is over text or other clip art. This is an easy way to set it apart or just jazz it up a bit.

clip art with outline

Add an outline on clip art


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