Ordering a Color Change in Easy View

A color change is when you change the color of your print from one ink color to another. The advantage of a color change is that you get the price break of the entire order and there is just a small fee ($15) for the service. For example, you might order 25 in black ink, 75 gold ink and you will be ordering at the 100 price break with a $15 charge, which will save you money.

In Easy View®, this is a simple step. Below we show school layout QSL-190 in black ink to go on a gold shirt.

Custom T-shirt Layout QSL-190

First customize a layout with one of your color choices.

To add our color change we will click on “Edit” next to the word Color Change in the right side order summary column. It is just under the Image Quantity. You will now see your order so far.

custom transfer color change

Click on “Edit” in the right hand column to choose the ink colors you would like to change.

Click the “Add Color Change” button and make your color change. In this example we are changing the black ink to gold ink, and the gold shirt color to black. This is a common color change for a school so we have prints for both of their school colors.


custom transfer layout switched to a new ink color

Choose the new colors you would like to change the ink and fabric colors to.

You can also use the share feature to show your customer both color combinations, by using the “Choose Design” choice at the top of the preview screen, and changing Base Design to Color Change 1.

Preview your custom transfer design

Preview and share your design with your color changes.


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