Adding Team Lists & Class Rosters to Custom Transfers

Layouts QTY-23 & QRN-134

Easy Prints typesetting layouts for family reunions and cheerleading

Do you want to add your team member’s names or a class list to your t-shirt transfer design?  Typesetting is a great way to do this!  Typesetting layouts allow you to use several names in your custom designs.  These layouts can be used for player names on a sports team, a list of family members for a family reunion, or as a way to list students in a graduating class.

Select a Layout:  Choose your layout from the Web Typesetting or the QTY Typesetting options in the school layouts section in the Easy Print® database.  These can also be found in the School category in the Idea Book™.  There is a variety of typesetting layouts for other occasions as well.

Send List of Names:  You can either type out each name or send a .txt document that already has the names typed out.  If you are sending a file with the names already in it, make sure that the names are typed as you would want to see them printed on your transfer (such as Joe Jones instead of Jones, Joe).  Also, make sure that your .txt document only has one column, if the transfer layout has multiple columns, the names will divide out automatically.

Saving Document As .txt File:  If you already have a document with the names on it, you just need to change the format of the document.  To change your document to a .txt file, choose Save As and use the Save as type drop box to choose the plain text format .txt.  For a video tutorial on how to change the format of your document, check out this link!

Color, Size, & Quantity:  When ordering, type in the color(s) that you would like in your image, how large you would like the design to be, and how many images you need.

“Send Us Your Artwork”:  If you are attaching a .txt file to your design, you will need to upload it in the Send Us Your Artwork section of the website.  When you send the artwork, include your layout number.  Also note that the names will be all uppercase as FIRST NAME LAST NAME (JOE JONES) unless you specify differently.

Even if you need to upload the text, you will not get charged extra for the names in your typesetting layout.  If you have any issues submitting the list for your layout, we are happy to help!

Layouts QTY-13 & QTY-39

Easy Prints layouts for school and sports with typesetting

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I am trying to access your QTY Typesetting option #39.But i am having no success.

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Hi Joliette,
You can access it here on the site:
Log in to Easy View to customize the layout as much as you would like!
Hope this helps


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