Did you survive the Polar Vortex?

Most of the Northeast United States has been in a deep freeze for the last couple of weeks caused by what the weathermen are calling a “polar vortex”. We can complain or celebrate our resilience with a T-shirt!

The Easy Prints® layouts are perfect for these trends that come up quickly and leave just as fast. They allow you to capture the moment (and sales). With the easy to use art already done, you can just add your text and let us know the ink color. A 1 color order ships the next day when ordered by 3 pm ET so you will be sure to get your transfers in before the snow melts.

Here are a few ideas our staff created with the Easy Prints layout noted. You can see how a layout from any section can be customized to meet your needs.

Custom T-shirt Layout QHL-12

Easy Prints layout QHL-12


Customized Easy Prints layout

Easy Prints layout QEV-138


Customized Print for Hoodie using Layout QHK-65

Easy Prints layout QHK-65


Custom Easy Prints layout QHK-93

Easy Prints layout QHK-93

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