It’s Class List Time

Unite your local school’s class with a list of the classmates they have been meeting with through zoom this year!   Class list shirts are great, everyone likes to see their name in print.   All you need is a heat press and the design center.

Using Easy View

Our free design center, Easy View, makes ordering class list t-shirts super easy.    You can start by using one of the almost 100 templates we have that allow you to customize the school name and mascot.   Then import your list in a .txt file and wow your art design is ready to order.

Need help creating a .txt file, click here

Don’t like our templates?  No problem, you can start from scratch by importing the list and adding any design elements you want to the sheet

How Many Names Will Fit

One of the deciding factors on how to set up your design is the number of names that will be needed on the shirt.  Some classes are so large a front and back print may be needed.

Here is a list of the best layouts based on how many names you have.   This is using a standard size 11 x 11 print.

10 names                    QTY-53, QTY-55, & QTY-76

11 names                    QTY-19

12 names                    QTY-61, QTY-78, & QTY-80

13 names                    QTY-50

14 names                    QAS-45, QTY-3, QTY-23, QTY-27,

QTY-38, QTY-75 & QTY-77

18 names                    QTY-51

20 names                    QTY-16, QTY-66, & QTY-81

21 names                    QTY-6

24 names                    QTY-24

26 names                    QTY-57

28 names                    QTY-15

30 names                    QTY-30 & QTY-50

40 names                    QTY-2

60 names                    QTY-73

71 names                    QTY-46

75 names                    QTY-11

81 names                    QTY-72

89 names                    QTY-69

90 names                    QTY-58

102 names                  QTY-74

111 names                  QTY-1

117 names                  QTY-8

118 names                  QTY-70

136 names                  QTY-68

152 names                  QTY-12


Do you have more room on the shirt?  If you use our maximum size, more names will fit.  Here is the list based on how many names will fit in maximum size

14 names                    QTY-23, QTY-53, & QTY-55

16 names                    QTY-19

18 names                    QTY-27 & QTY-61

21 names                    QTY-6

22 names                    QTY-3, & QTY-38

24 names                    QAS-45

26 names                    QTY-51

30 names                    QTY-16

36 names                    QTY-24

38 names                    QTY-15 & QTY-57

40 names                    QTY-50

48 names                    QTY-30

66 names                    QTY-13

70 names                    QTY-2

71 names                    QTY-46

87 names                    QTY-73

108 names                  QTY-11

114 names                  QTY-72

122 names                  QTY-69

134 names                  QTY-58

147 names                  QTY-8

152 names                  QTY-1

159 names                  QTY-70

180 names                  QTY-68

181 names                  QTY-74

200 names                  QTY-12

These list layouts can also be used for event sponsors, team rosters, or schedule shirts.  Any type of design where a list of 10 or more is needed

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