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Families across the country are planning their reunions with their families near and far. Most family reunions like to coordinate and give the entire family a souvenir t-shirt to wear. This year, you can help by giving your family reunion leader different design options for this year’s get-together.

In the new Easy View® online designer, creating unique designs is simple. You can even customize designs with the families names so each person is recognized on the shirt. We call these “typesetting” layouts. We’ve created professional designs that have place holders for the family member’s names. Here’s how to create a truly customized Family Reunion typeset design.

For current customers of  Transfer Express, log-in and open the Easy View Online Designer.

Start a New Job by choosing a Easy Prints® layout. The best family reunion designs are under “Occasions” and Family Reunions. Choose a design. We chose a popular typeset tree layouts, QRN-120. Just remember, ANY Easy Prints® layout can become a typesetting design like the one we’re about to show you. Just use your creativity!

Search Family Reunions

Once your design is on the Art Board, you’re ready to customize! Double click on each of the Names around the tree and enter in the family member’s name. You can even add additional names if more are needed by clicking on a name, choosing “Object” “Duplicate” and then changing the name and moving it into the desired position. You’re then ready to choose the colors needed by your customer.

It’s that simple!

Family Reunion Change Name

You can even see the design on a shirt and share your creation with your customer.

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