Creating T-Shirt Designs Even Faster with Easy View® Shortcuts

When you’re wanting to create a t-shirt design fast, you can always turn to Easy View®, online design center.

Easy View is an online design program that is super easy to use and fast.

You don’t need to be an artist to create amazing t-shirt designs.

Easy View is pre-loaded with thousands of design layouts that you can use to customize with thousands of clip art and hundreds of fonts.


Easy View promo layouts


You can create a cool t-shirt design in literally seconds to minutes, depending on how much you want to customize.

You don’t have to learn a complicated art program, or pay the expensive prices that go with those art programs.

Easy View is free for all active Transfer Express customers. Use Easy View to create designs for your transfers.

Even if you are an artist, when you have customers coming to you frequently without artwork, you can save a bunch of time by just customizing our layout templates instead of creating a brand new design each time. Especially if they want some “ideas” and want to see a few different designs. You can whip up a few designs in minutes.

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Easy View is already easy and fast to use, but if you want to take the speed and your design skills to the next level, there are easy keyboard shortcuts that will help streamline your designing process.

These are optional to use, as all of these shortcuts have buttons to use in the dropdown menus as well in the top of the designer.


Easy View tools in top menu


Generally speaking, many people like to use keyboard shortcuts as it helps speed up some of the routine button clicking while working in any program.

It will help cut down the amount of mouse clicks while designing so you can focus more on your design and less on searching and clicking on buttons, which can slowly add up in time.

Using keyboard shortcuts is “less movement”, which is one of the seven wastes of manufacturing.

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The more you use Easy View, the more you’ll be able to get acquainted with the keyboard shortcuts in Easy View.

A lot of the shortcuts are similar to that of other programs you are already use to working with, such as Microsoft Office or CorelDraw.

So go log in to Easy View now and try them out!

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts for Easy View and what they do.

Easy View Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + c: copy
  • Ctrl + v: paste
  • Ctrl + d: duplicate selected object
  • Ctrl + z: undo last move
  • Ctrl + u: ungroup selected object
  • Ctrl + g: group selected objects together
  • Ctrl + a: select all objects
  • Ctrl or Shift: snap object to gridlines
  • Delete: delete object
  • c: center align selected objects horizontally
  • e: center align selected objects vertically
  • l: left align selected objects
  • r: right align selected objects
  • b: bottom align selected objects
  • t: top align selected objects
  • Shift + Page Up: bring object to top
  • Shift + Page Down: bring object to bottom
  • arrow keys: bump selected object (left, right, up, down)
  • Tab: select next figure (i.e. you can tab through design)
  • Shift + Tab: select previous figure


You can also download and print all the shortcuts in our Easy View Shortcuts Quick Guide for easy reference while you are learning the shortcuts. Have it handy by your computer and you’ll be using the shortcuts in no time!

Easy View keyboard shortcuts chart



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