How Much Does It Cost To Ship?

Shipping is a passed on cost from the carrier you choose, typically UPS or Federal Express. Although the United States Postal Service heavily promotes priority mail rates, your transfers do not fit in any of their packaging and the cost of this service is the highest and slowest. We have negotiated the best rates as possible on your behalf, but the cost for any carrier to fly or drive your package from our location to yours can eat up profits.

Custom transfer shipping costs

Any of our packages arrive in just 2 working days in the continental US.













So how can you lower shipping costs?
1.  Use a credit or debit card. All carriers charge a significant fee ($12) to collect money. By using a credit or debit card, you eliminate this service fee.

2.  Place your orders at the same time. Find the best time of day to submit all of your orders and prevent double shipments on the same day. We make every effort to create ship groups. If your orders are placed at the same time, they will ship in the same ship group. In addition, if you have orders still in house shipping the same day, we will add it to the shipment. Please remember we do print 24 hours a day. So if you placed some orders the night before they may have been completed overnight. When you send in more overnight or the next morning, they may be shipping the same day as the package that just left but we are unable to track down a completed package to make additions. If you have several orders that are in the same ship group, you will see the same shipping amount on the order confirmations, but you will see on your invoice only one shipping charge is added to the total.

3.  Use Speedy Air! All of our packages will arrive anywhere in the continental US in two working days. If you are outside of the normal 2 day ground service from Ohio, we offer the free shipping upgrade, Speedy Air. This is an exclusive Transfer Express offering, you pay ground prices and get two day air service.

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