Advertise Your Business with Custom Apparel

Promotional t-shirt for custom apparel business

Be your own advertising tool by creating promotional t-shirts that can turn you into a billboard for your company

How do you advertise your business? If you use the Easy View® designer, promoting your business can be as easy as adding extra customization to your designs.

The image above depicts a custom promotional product that you can create with custom transfers and a heat press. Custom t-shirts with your company’s information on them! When you wear these t-shirts, you become a human billboard for your business. If you create this t-shirt for your dog, they become a doggie billboard, and if you create these t-shirts for friends and family members; all of the t-shirt wearers become a walking advertisement. If you look closely, you can see that every image of an apparel item has had a layout added to it, showing customized apparel on your customized t-shirt. Both the hat and the t-shirt images have layouts added to them to demonstrate your company’s abilities in extra customization.

Below is a close-up of the custom apparel designs on the t-shirt. Note that these designs do not contain small areas of design or text. If the lines in your design are too small, the ink may close up in places, changing the look of your custom design. If it looks like the lines are getting kind of small in your design, but look like they are large enough to print correctly; add an extra note to your order stating that it is okay to expand the line sizes if needed. The smaller your design is, the more potential for ink to close up. This is why the design on the back of the t-shirt is the full size of the transfer sheet; approximately 11.25” x 14;” to ensure that there is enough room for larger lines in the designs.

Customized layouts on top of apparel clip art

Use apparel clip art in your custom designs and add a popular layout on top of the clip art to make it look customized. This shows your customers examples of what you can create


If a specific product makes up most of your sales, show this product on your promotional apparel. For example, if you only sell custom caps, create your advertising to match what you can offer. Use Easy Prints layouts in your Easy View designs to create custom products for your promotional apparel.

Customized Caps for Cap Business

If your business only sells caps, show images of customized caps. Use layouts on top of the cap clip art to show customers what the finished product could look like



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