Puff Printing on Billboard Shirts

One of the most popular ways to custom print the trendy billboard shirt is with Puff ink. The large printing space and bold font is the perfect vehicle to optimize puff transfers.

raised puff ink on a billboard shirt

Puff ink gives a great added effect to the trendy billboard shoulder print shirts.

Puff transfers are screen printed transfers whose ink expands when heat applied giving the print a raised texture. We offer custom puff transfers in white and black. Puff ink can also be combined with our 70 regular ink colors.

For example, the text on your custom transfer could be a white puff ink fill with Navy outline or black puff letters with a red outline.

There are a few tricks to use when applying custom puff transfers.

The first is to use the threading technique on your heat press so you are working only with one layer of material. To thread a shirt on your press, you are basically “dressing” the bottom platen. You will need to work with your print upside down when you are threading the shirt.

The threading gives the puff ink the best opportunity to expand. The Hotronix® heat presses are built for threading and if you have a caddie, it makes it even easier!

A second tip is to take off your quick slip pad protector from your press before applying puff transfers. The material used on these protectors prevents the ink from completely expanding.

Puff samples are available if you need to test your results before ordering. They are a great special effect!

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