An Easy Way to Arrange Perfectly Folded T-Shirts

nicely folded shirts

How much time do you waste a day folding t-shirts? Whether you are folding t-shirts to create a nice t-shirt display or to deliver an order of custom printed t-shirts to a group, it can take some serious time to make them neat for a pleasing visual appearance.

If you have a store front, t-shirt displays are important. Presentation is everything.

However, when customers come in and browse through your shirts, the displays can tend to get messy quickly.

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Have you ever noticed when you walk through a retail store in the mall how the shirts are neatly folded? Have you ever wondered how they fold them so nicely? Are the employees just that skilled?

Anyone who’s ever watched the comedy tv show Big Bang Theory will know that the character Sheldon is as neat as can be. If you’ve seen him fold his laundry, you may have noticed he uses a contraption to perfectly fold his t-shirts.

t-shirt folder

These t-shirt folders make folding t-shirts easy and fast and you get a perfect fold each time. Not only is it fast, but you can fold a bunch of t-shirts to perfectly match when stacked.

We are going to show you how to make a hack version for yourself.

cardboard t-shirt folder

Are you familiar with this stack of boxes? Does your back storage or production area look like this?

stack of transfer boxes

Transfer Express boxes are perfect for storing your extra transfers.

If you have 2 extra Transfer Express boxes to spare, you can make your own t-shirt folding device, in as little as 10 or 15 minutes.

Life Hack: Create Your Own T-Shirt Folder
Open and unfold your boxes so that they are completely flat on your work surface. If you don’t have a table big enough, we used the floor!

flat transfer express box

With your first box, measure and draw a vertical line down the middle. With a box cutter or scissors, cut this box in half so you have 2 even size pieces. These will be your outside panels.

cut box down the middle

With your second box, cut off the extra flaps down the left side of the box to get a nice straight edge.

Then, based on how wide you want your shirts to be after they are folded, measure out this width from the left straight edge. We went with 9 inches wide, but you can adjust this to your own liking.

Using this width measurement, draw a vertical line down the box and then cut it. This piece will be your center piece.

cut the middle flap

Next, place your 3 pieces in order.

align your flap edges

Align your 3 flap pieces together to tape.

Using your favorite packaging or duct tape, tape the top portions together. Don’t tape the bottom halves.

tape your flaps

That’s it! Now it’s time to test it out.

Perfectly Fold Your Shirts
Start by placing your shirt face down.

place your t-shirt face down

With a quick motion, flip one of your side flaps over. Lift up the flap and then flip the opposite flap. Then flip the bottom flap up.

steps to quickly fold a t-shirt

You’re done! A perfectly folded shirt in seconds.

t-shirt folder

After some adjustments and practice, you will find the best method for the look you want.

For larger shirts, you may have to flip the extra sleeve in first before flipping up the bottom.

This t-shirt folder will help you save time folding t-shirts and will help give your t-shirt displays a cleaner, more professional look.