Sizing Graphics for Women’s Apparel

Decorating a variety of garments from adult t-shirts to children’s apparel comes with its challenges, especially when it comes to sizing your design appropriately to look it’s best on the finished item. Recommended sizes are offered for these type of garments and are available here. But blank women’s apparel hasn’t widely been around for decorators until recent years. Many decorators find themselves scratching their heads when it comes to the appropriate size to make their designs for customized women’s apparel.

The size of women’s apparel can be closely compared to that of youth standard t-shirts and use similar recommendations for the size of the design. This of course is just a general rule of thumb as even women’s sizes has different styles such as fitted tees, relaxed fit tees, flowy tanks etc. It’s always best to measure your print area of the blank garment that you’re decorating before you size your design, however when that’s not possible use children’s sizing recommendations when decorating women’s apparel.

For fitted women’s apparel like the style below, we would size the design to 8-9″ wide x the proportional height. This would be similar to the size of a Youth Small recommended design size.

For more relaxed fit of women’s styles, a design size of 10-10.5″ in width would be a good design size similar to that of a youth medium/large standard t-shirt size.

Use a size of 10-10.5″ wide for your design for relaxed fit women’s styles