Art Guidelines For UltraColor Max, DTF Transfers

UltraColor Max, direct to film transfers,  is a new product that checked off all of the boxes other products may have been missing.    This last piece gives you all you need to create a successful t-shirt business using custom transfers and a heat press.

  • Create a gang sheet or buy by the image
  • No minimum order
  • Gang up to a maximum size: 22″ x 22″, or any size smaller
  • Matte finish – no shine and no tackiness
  • Sharp edge with no outline needed
  • Allows fine detail and free standing text
  • Lightweight and soft hand
  • Low temperature application for use on 100% polyester
  • Digital CMYK color palette – prints full color
  • Low cost-priced per square inch
  • Fast, Next Day Turnaround

The other unique feature is the required art.    So that we can check all of those boxes, and process orders quickly, the quality of the provided art is much more important.   Here are some tips to be sure you get the best product possible.

Best File Types

The best file types to provide are .PDF, PNG and .TIF. While we also accept .AI, .SVG, .JPG and .PSD files if you can sent the first three listed it will be the best experience.

Art Type Matters

Vector art works best.    If you provide low resolution bitmaps we can still do the order but there will be art fees and a proof needed, slowing turnaround.

Line Thickness Matters

To print and hold adhesive needed for optimal durability your lines need to be .018” thick.   If you have lines not meeting this, they may print but won’t be as durable as other areas.   On screen these areas will be noted in pink.    Trouble spots are often tips and points where the edge falls under.     This may or may not matter to your customer.

Edges Matter

Fading or feathered edges can’t be printed.    If your art does have this we will need to add an outline and create a hard edge.   This will have an art fee and a proof will be needed.

By meeting these few, simple art guidelines you will have the best transfer product and a satisfied customer.


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