Artwork Guidelines for Your Custom Transfer Designs

Do you want to add a personal touch to your design by adding your own artwork, or even adding your customer’s artwork?  You can send us artwork to use in Easy Prints® layouts or as a full transfer design.  There are three ways that you can send us the art; you can upload the artwork to our site using the Send Us Your Artwork option, mail the artwork, or even fax it. Specifications can be found here.

Line Thickness Requirements

Your line thickness must be at least .012″ to print properly

Before you send your artwork, check that it is set to the correct size, that lines and spaces are thick enough, and that your designs for digital transfers are set to CMYK.

Screen Printed Guidelines

When ordering screen printed transfers, make sure that you save your artwork as a usable file type such as a CorelDraw® file, an Adobe Illustrator® file, or an image file such as .jpg or .tif.  Create the design at the size that you would like it to be printed at, keeping in mind that the max transfer size is 11.25” x 14.”  Also, make sure that your text is converted to curves, use consistent colors in the design (you are charged by color), set your line and show-through thickness at.012” or larger, set halftones at 30 dots per inch, and avoid effects in your artwork for screen printed transfers.

Check out the Guidelines for Screen Printed Artwork section of the website to get more in depth information on how you can prepare your artwork for use on screen printed transfers.  There’s even a page that gives vector art tips!

Change text to curves

For both screen printed and digital transfers, your text must be converted to curves

Digital Guidelines

The same file types that can be used for screen printed transfer artwork can be used for your digital artwork as well.  If you create your artwork on a Mac, include the file extension in the file name (example: tigers.eps).  Vector artwork will need to be used for these digital prints; we can convert your rastor/bitmap artwork to vector as well.  Lines should be at least .012” thick, all open spaces should be at least .045” thick, and you should avoid using pattern fills.  We provide recommended halftone settings in the guidelines link below and will support your file with a faxed copy of the art.

The Digital Artwork Guidelines section of the website explains the processes of preparing your artwork to be printed digitally.  Use this section when you are ordering CAD-PRINTZ®.

Send Us Your Artwork

When you are ready to submit your order online, use the Send Us Your Artwork section of the website to upload your art, then follow the steps that it gives you.  Once your artwork is uploaded, a Dealer Service Representative will call you within an hour to verify your information.

Keep in mind that we have a collection of more than 5,000 custom design layouts that are free for you to use on your transfer designs as a Transfer Express® dealer.  Adding your own artwork is a great way to add extra personalization to your transfer designs, but you can create custom artwork with our layouts as well.  Use our art, make your own, or do a combination of our artwork plus your own.  Keep in mind that price varies with each option.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call and talk to a dealer service representative (800.622.2280)!

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