Increase Profits With Sheet Pricing

We offer simple sheet pricing! What does this mean to you? You can get extra custom apparel sales with no printing cost! So if you are doing an adult size print for a customer, you can add 2 heart prints for free!

Sheet pricing gives you the opportunity to do sample prints for potential customers. Your paying customer buys the full size, and you can create 2 smaller prints for potential customers.

Have you ever thought about private label shirt tags? Use the extra space for a label in each size and they have been done for free. Or use the space to give incentive over your competition—offer a free sleeve print with every full front custom apparel purchase.

Our paper size is 11.25” x 14” and this space can be used anyway you like. Fill every inch, for one low price!


Screen Printed Transfer Gang Sheet

Fill an entire sheet with as many images as you can fit for one price!

If you need help seeing what will fit, we also offer a couple of tools.

The first is our gang sheet calculator, just enter the size and it will tell you how many of that size will fit.

The second helpful tool is the image resizer. You can measure whatever art you are looking at and get both dimensions if enlarging or reducing the size. For example, if you are looking at the Idea Book™ and the layout is 1” tall x .5 wide, but you want a full adult 11”, put the numbers in and it will tell you your layout will be 11 x 5.5”.


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