Autism Awareness T-Shirts

April is Autism Awareness month and many of your customers may be looking for T-shirts for the various events. This is a special cause of the GroupeSTAHL family, as all proceeds from last year’s Great Race were directed toward autism charities.

Autism Awareness uses the puzzle piece as a symbol for the struggle against autism. This symbol reflects the mystery and complexity of the autism disorder.

The new Transfer Express Easy View® has made creating shirts for important events like this easier than ever. The most popular events are walks that raise money.

Below I started with layout QEV-118, changing the text to meet my needs. I then selected the shoe clip art and ungrouped so I could add a little color to my kicks! I then added the name of my team for the walk. Finally, I added the puzzle piece clip art symbol to my shoe. I have absolutely no art talent and was able to create this in just minutes.

Custom T-Shirt Design for Autism Awareness

Layout QEV-118 customized with a team name.









Another popular event is an awareness day where shirts are sold to raise money for a donation. I wanted to help a local school with this and wanted more color! This was going to be a large order, with the larger quantity they could afford to add color. Colors will help increase sales. Here is what they decided on! With this one, I started with layout QFD-29. This layout had stars in the square and I replaced these with the puzzle piece clip art in different sizes using the duplicate button. I then added my colors! With the new Easy View, you can even add the apparel so they can see what it will look like on the shirt.

Customized Autism Awareness Design on Shirt

After you customize a layout, preview your design on apparel.









Custom Shirt Design for Autism Awareness

Customize your designs using Easy View. Pick your colors and more!









Start creating and help raise money for your cause!



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