Bachelorette Party T-shirt Idea

Bachelorette Party Shirt

Bachelorette party custom shirt idea for attending a baseball game.

Take me out to the ball game, bring me custom apparel to wear, celebrate a friend’s bachelorette party, and let everyone know why you’re there!

This past weekend, I attended a bachelorette party for a long-time friend who’s getting married at the end of the month. The bachelorette party was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with the theme of the night being the baseball game we were tailgating and attending. We thought it would be a great idea to make matching t-shirt as a surprise for the bride and to make us stand out.

I got to work customizing Easy Prints layout QWN-7 in the Easy View® online design tool; personalizing it for the ball game by changing the words, clip art, and adding a distress to everything but the words and baseball clip art. I changed the text for the front of the shirt to say “Holly’s Final Swing Before the Ring” with the year, location, and “Bachelorette Party.” I was able to make the main design for the screen printed transfers that would be heat applied to the front of the shirt 8″ wide, which looked great on the shirts and allowed extra room on the transfer sheet to add two of the main design and even “Team Bride.”

Bridal Party Transfer Sheet - Easy View

Adding multiple transfers to the same screen printed transfer sheet is a great way to save on the final cost of your heat transfer order.

On the back of the shirt, I included everyone’s titles. The titles included “Bride,” Mom of the Bride,” “Mom of the Groom,” “Bridesmaid,” and “Team Bride” for anyone who did not fall into these categories. The numbers on the back of the shirt represented the year that we met the bride. For example: I met Holly in 2004, so the back of my shirt said “04.” The names and numbers for the back of the shirt were Express Names Impress purple words and Goof Proof® All Star 6″ purple numbers.

Since I like to keep my work space organized, I made a stack of transfers in the order that I needed them after cutting them from the sheet. The stack included the design for the front of the shirt and the names and numbers for the back.

Organizing heat transfers for bachelorette t-shirts.

Cut the transfers from the sheets and make a clean stack of transfers in the order that you will need them for quick and efficient heat application.

To make adding transfers to both the front and the back of the shirts easier and faster, I threaded the shirt on the platen for easy shirt rotation.

Thread shirt to platen - wedding party

When applying to both sides of a shirt, threading it to the platen helps save you time when heat applying. The Quick Slip Pad protector allows for easy threading.

All of the transfers that I used were Goof Proof® ink, so it took just 4 seconds to apply the front transfer, then an additional 4 seconds to heat apply the transfers on the back.

Bachelorette shirt for baseball game

The final shirt! Here is the shirt that I wore to the bachelorette party.

As soon as the transfers were applied, they were ready to wear to the bachelorette party!

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