Selling T-shirts at Summer Events

A tent, electrical and a little organization can lead to successful sales day.    Although often weather dependent, selling t-shirts at summer events can be very profitable.     You have a captive, targeted audience ready to buy.   Let’s take a look at how to have a successful sales day at a summer event.

  1. Know Your Audience- This step is your most important at any event.    What is the age?   How many participants?   How long is most participants at the event?   Do they have down time to shop?    Learn all you can about the event and participants.   Learn what type of apparel they are most likely to buy such as t-shirts vs performance wear.
  2. Design and Inventory-Use the free online designer, Easy View to create eye catching and relevant designs. Use Etsy to take a look at trending phrases that might be incorporated into your design.    Order blank apparel in all sizes to fit your audience.                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. Legal-check to see if you will need a permit.
  4. Logistics-Figure out what type of structure you will need, electrical needs for your heat press, tables and storage. Figure out how payment will be accepted.   The organization of your items will make selling t-shirts at summer events a breeze!                                                           
  5. Marketing-Use social media to announce you will be at the event. Most events have a group set up for the participants.    Show your designs.   Distribute flyers the day of the event.   Engage with customers.   Be sure you have signage showing designs, listing sizes and prices.    Make it easy for customers to buy.  Upsell with discounts if they buy more than one.  Greet and converse with potential customers.

After your event is over, take the time to recap what worked as well as what didn’t so you are ready to successfully sell t-shirts at your next summer event.

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